Tentative program


Scientific events

Administrative and social events

Sunday, 1.9.


Welcome Reception with Registration (FH Erfurt)

Monday, 2.9.


Session “Morphogenesis” (Keynote speaker: Michiel Vandenbussche)

Session “Biodiversity and access to genetic resources” (Keynote speaker: Rodrigo Barba Gonzalez;

Plenary discussion Nagoya protocol (Expert: Hartmut Meyer, German Association for International Cooperation)

Poster Session


Registration & Welcome








Free time in Erfurt

Tuesday, 3.9.

Session ” Molecular markers” (Keynote speaker: René Smulders)

Session “Resistance and Susceptibility” (Keynote speaker: Yuling Bai)

Session “Novel breeding techniques” (Keynote speaker: Holger Puchta;

Plenary discussion: Genome-edited plants (Expert: Markus Gierth, Federal Association of German Plant Breeders)









City Tour
Symposium Dinner

Wednesday, 4.9.

Session “Ploidy manipulation” (Keynote speaker: Anne Britt)

Poster Session

Session “Interspecific hybridization” (Keynote speaker: Johan van Huylenbroeck)

Session “Sequenced genomes” (Keynote speaker: Fabrice Foucher)









Thursday, 5.9.


Post-Symposium Tours
1: Erfurt-Weimar
2: Gera-Dresden